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Fact #3

Fact #3

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The Moon Asked The Sun.

The Moon Asked The Sun

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The Nature of Things.

A revolutionary thing strives hard to reach your ear,

A new side of the universe struggles to come to light—

For no fact is so simple we believe it at first sight,

And there is nothing that exists so great or marvelous

That over time mankind does not admire it less and less.

Behold the pure blue of the heavens, and all that they possess,

The roving stars, the moon, the sun’s light, brilliant and sublime—

Imagine if these were shown to men now for the first time,

Suddenly and with no warning. What could be declared

More wondrous than these miracles no one before had dared

Believe could even exist? Nothing. Nothing could be quite

As remarkable as this, so wonderful would be the sight.

Now, however, people hardly bother to lift their eyes

To the glittering heavens, they are so accustomed to the skies.

That’s why you should let go of any terror of the new.

But don’t spit out my reason. Weigh with care. If it seems true,

What I’m about to say, then throw your hands up in surrender;

But if it should seem false, then arm yourself as truth’s defender.

The mind seeks explanation. Since the universe extends

Forever out beyond those ramparts at which our world ends,

The mind forever yearns to peer into infinity,

To project beyond and outside of itself, and there soar free.


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The Melodramatist.

I created a puppet that represents myself.

I used the comedy/tragedy theatrical masks to portray my [frequent/usually unnecessary] dramatic mood alternations that are in complete control of my actions and reactions to my surroundings.

The puppet moves in steps.

1. The curtain opens by pulling two strings attached at the back.

2. The puppet is pulled upwards by a lever that penetrates the head of the puppet and exits through a hole in the top center of the stage. This allows the puppet to stand upright as it’s being supported by hinges attached to each knee.

3. A string attached to the white cloth is pulled back to reveal the different emotions that are expressed when in the “comic” state of mind.

4. The puppet rotates by using the same lever attached to the head to reveal the opposing state of mind. As this is being done, the puppet will either get dangled between the strings that hold the styrofoam balls, cut through them, or rotate with ease. These hung obstacles symbolize the different encounters that I face on a daily basis, leaving me either lagging behind, unable to move forward, or passing through them with ease.

5. A string attached to the black cloth is pulled back to reveal the different emotions that are expressed when in the “tragic” state of mind.

6. The lever is pushed down, forcing the puppet down on its knees.

7. The curtain closes.

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empty space.

spiral galaxy.

cosmic whirlpool.

earth at night.

moon over jupiter.

recycling cassiopeia a.

center of the milky way.

crab nebula.

a perseid meteor.


star-forming region.

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